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Feedback from April Education Webinar

"This has been the most helpful hour since Covid-19 started!  THANK YOU!"

"I cannot wait to share this recording with others!  Great ideas for family members caring from a distance!"

"Great job Rebekah!  The Digital Frames and Recorded message items are a fabulous idea.  Thanks a lot!"

"I really enjoyed it and it made me feel supported and that I am not alone going through this."

"This is a wonderful presentation! Thank you! I look forward to the recorded version as there are so many great ideas."

REBEKAH WILSON - Excellent FTD Presentation

"Rebekah Wilson did a presentation at the CT Alzheimer’s Dementia Conference this past week, called “Frontotemporal Dementia; Behavioral Strategies”.

She talked about the differences between FTD and other forms of dementia, described the subtypes of FTD, discussed common behavioral expressions in FTD and strategies for managing behaviors.

As a sign of the interest in FTD, the room was overflowing, I took my time getting to the room and ended up sitting in the hallway looking in via the doorway. I would estimate there were 75+ attendees... She did a great job!"

How did this presentation impact your clinical practice?

"It further defined the positive and effective methods to properly engage and serve my residents"

"Help with approach with patients, less invasive approaches, reinforce better methods of care".

"It was a great reminder that those with dementia are not gone, just different. We run a Memory Cafe for dementia patients and their caregivers. I'm excited to share this information with them"

How did this presentation increase your knowledge?

"I have a better understanding on how the resident's world changes, how vision changes with age and dementia, and how to approach a resident."

What one thing did you learn today that you did not know before attending this presentation?

"How to positively approach someone with dementia. In working with Alzheimer's and dementia patients, I will be able to give the best care and approach the residents in a positive way so they not feel threatened... I feel more knowledgeable about his topic after the presentation. I am better prepared to interact with those affected by dementia."

"Rebekah is a fantastic coach and I learned a great deal from her. She is truly gifted and passionate in this field of study. Thank you for giving me the confidence and enthusiasm of wanting to learn more."

"Wonderful speaker full of knowledge and caring - we learned so much from her -
Thank You for turning our home into a peaceful environment"

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